Enjoy your visit to my website devoted to an appreciation of wildlife, wild places and people enjoying the outdoors. My photography work has taken me all over North America chasing "Magical Light" with the hope of finding interesting subject matter that makes great photographs. It is a path I chose beginning in the 1970's and continues to spur me daily to share the raw beauty of our natural world. Linger as long as you like, and if you find images that you'd like to own please contact me. 

Please understand that all of the images found on this site are copyrighted.  An image may not be used in any manner or form without first licensing or purchasing it. Specific information on image usage and image rights can be found under the Copyright Information tab. I welcome any and all inquires concerning licensing or purchasing prints of images. Information on doing so can be found under the Purchasing Images tab. If you are interested in purchasing an image go to the Contact tab and send me an email. 

Perusing through my website is quite easy. Simply go up to the Image Galleries and click. A pull down menu of all the subjects and species will appear and simply scroll down to a subject or species that you'd like to view. The galleries show thumbnails of the images. To see an enlarged version of an image, click once and it will appear. To see an even larger version of the image, simply click on the image again. Once done viewing the image, click on the X mark on the upper right of the image. If you want to return to home, read my biography, contact me, or are interested in licensing or purchasing an image, simply select the appropriate menu bar from the available choices above the black bear silhouetted image. 

In this new look to my website, "Light Box" has been renamed as "Favorites."  Look at the very top of the screen here and you'll see a menu tab called Favorites. That will enable you to select up to 200 images from my site. When you return to my site, you can view the images you've stored in your Favorites. Setting up a Favorites section you will need to create an account. To create an account, simply click on the Sign In tab, and then click on Register.

If you wish to purchase a print of any of the images on this site, look under the Purchasing Images tab. It gives you the basic information on prices, shipping, and so forth. Please read the appropriate information and then go to the Contact tab to send me an email with the relevant information or any questions you might have.

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